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If you don't like something change it...if you can't change it; change the way you think about it. 

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Mental Capital, is a workplace asset, ensure your workplace has enough.                 

                                   Modupe Wigwe

The workplace has changed and continues to change. Work and productivity are now largely determined by our Mental and Emotional Capital which is made up of resources like Self-Efficacy, Self-Esteem, Self-awareness, Self-regulation, Self Motivation, Relational Agility, Trust, Flexibility, Efficiency at learning. Optimism/hope, Beliefs, Memory, Empathy, Assertiveness, and Resilience. Our ability to implore these resources for productive use has become the most critical skill at work.

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 We Have 2 Virtual Support Groups



This is a support group for people struggling with depression. You are not alone. Know that depression can be managed and you can also overcome it.

We can help.


Bigger Than This

This is a support group for victims of sexual abuse. It is important to get help. Every additional day in the shadow of this  crime is another day lost. We can help.

  You Can Also Join Our  Conversations


Rape in Nigeria

Rape in Nigeria

Talk about this unwholesome trend. We want solutions. Is this a female problem only, or does it happen to men? 

Toxic Workplace Practices

Toxic Workplace Practices.

Talk about real toxic workplace practices you know and the people impacted by such practices

Change The Story: An Online Course. 

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Modupe Wigwe

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CBT Counsellor, NLP Master Practitioner, Trauma Coach

Dr. Adeoye Oyewole

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Psychiatrist, Pastor, Mental Health Advocate & Addiction Recovery Coach

Neeraj Borha

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Web-based Learning, Self-study programs, Blended Learning solutions, Instructional Design

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