PPCA Assessments

At PPCA we have four types of assessments:

  1.  360° Appraisals/feedback for individuals and teams

  2. Psychological Assessments

  3. Mental Wellbeing Assessment for Remote Workers

  4. Climate/Mood surveys for Teams and Organizations

 360° Appraisal

The aim of our 360° Feedback is to support employees in prioritizing, planning, and taking action on the areas that need it the most. We now know that for most organizations, this can become a daunting task and most organizations are unable to derive the real benefits of such a powerful feedback tool.
Working with us, you will find that the 360° Feedback process has been made as valuable as possible for the person receiving feedback, which is very helpful for the organization too.

Our feedback report answers 3 key questions:

1.    What are my (the employees) strengths? 
2.    What areas should I (the employee) focus on improving?
3.    Why do these areas need improvement?
The assessment focuses on current and desired performance, and finds out which areas need the most improvement and where to focus personal development efforts. This creates the kind of ownership that employers want to see:

•    The employee now understands their priorities 
•    The employee is more likely to take action
•    The employee and his/her team are more likely to see an impact
•    The organization is much more likely to get a return-on-investment.

With PPCA, we help you deploy the tool, follow up, and provide a comprehensive report. We also provide counseling and executive coaching services to ensure staff have all they need to improve in the areas that affect them and their ability to perform. 


Psychological Assessments (Beta):

The aim of having psychological assessments available is to help busy staff get an assessment of their mental state; all at the click of a button. The assessments that will be available on this site are for:

  1. Depression

  2. PTSD

  3. GAD

  4. Chronic Worry

Staff can then access counseling, therapy, and executive coaching services. They can also learn new skills by taking relevant online courses. All at the click of a button.

Mental Wellbeing Assessment for Remote Workers

Do not leave productivity and mental health to chance. At PPCA, we are all about mental health. We believe this is the life-blood of your organization and should be taken with the utmost seriousness. The Coronavirus pandemic and remote work has left workers (and most of us) feeling disconnected, anxious, depressed, and unproductive. Our Remote Worker Well-being assessment can help:


  1. Find out how your people are coping

  2. Provide managers and HR the feedback and guidance they need about how staff working remotely are doing 

  3. Pinpoint the various ways HR and leadership can help employees be more productive during this period and beyond

Be aware of your team's mental health and wellness as they return to work, and as they continue to work.






Climate/Mood surveys for Teams and Organizations


Feel the love (or otherwise). We can conduct monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly surveys to find out the mood of a team, division, or enterprisewide. Again, we will provide a comprehensive report that is usually more likely when the survey is conducted by an external consultant.


We do not just take a survey, we allow staff to vent, hold guided discussions on discussion boards and working with HR, we can use the process to correct miscommunications or provide staff with the information they need. We now know that staff are more likely to trust the process with an external consultant.

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