Consulting Services

Our aim at PPCA is to share our expertise and knowledge to help your business attain solve problems and attain its goals. We provide a fresh perspective and an objective view of your situation because we are not affected by any particular corporate culture, workplace politics or politricks, co-worker scrutiny or morale, we are free to be your catalyst for change.


Fortunately, with our vast experience and track record of past accomplishments in both the public and private sectors, we are able to deliver value even on the most challenging projects. 

Our Solutions for your workplace: 

  1. We can develop your mental health and wellness policy 

  2. We can develop your mental health and wellness interventions

  3. We can implement mental health and wellness interventions

  4. Monitor and Evaluate the interventions

  5. Amend mental health and wellness policy or interventions where necessary

  6. Provide comprehensive Back to office Report

In addition, we can provide certain management consultancy services.