Can You Trust Life to be Good to You?

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

Our beliefs are powerful things. They can completely color the way we see life and what we expect from it. The title above is based on actual events. A few days ago, my son called to tell me he could not find his glasses. I told him to be ‘very still’ for a few minutes (no panic) and then trust that he would find them, somehow. The next evening, he lost his key card which is the only way he gets in and out of his dorm. In that moment he felt like everything was falling apart. But, in the process of turning everything in his room upside down and frantically searching for his key card, he found his glasses and then; suddenly found the key card. Now, all was well with the world again.

I decided to do some coaching (for him and for me). My point? Unlike us, the universe is not limited. life can bring answers in so many different ways. Life is not limited by anything except our imagination and belief. When we believe that life can be good to us, we can ease up and allow life to happen, knowing that it has so many ways to usher in the answers we seek. It may not be how we would have done it, but hey, this is what makes it even more powerful.

Imagine how stress free your world would be if you could just . . . trust.

Think about it.

What if all the craziness around you, is bringing answers?

Have a beautiful week or weekend – whatever time you are reading this; let your moment be beautiful.

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