Capacity building has evolved. We now know that the skills required to ensure that a team performs optimally and delivers on set goals are not all found on certificates, in textbooks, or in the four walls of colleges. Most of the performance impeding traits and behaviors found in the workplace have a psychological foundation.


In line with our vision to be the preferred platform for behavior modification and change management,  we have created courses that address various emotional or mental health issues required for capacity building for the 21st-century workplace. Our array of counseling services further complement your learning experience. 

 We Have 4 E-Learning Course Categories
  1. Workplace Essentials

  2. EVE (Gender Specific)

  3. Adam & Eve Courses (Great for EAP, Pre-Marital or Marital Counseling)

  4. Self-Management Courses


These courses are a suite of courses essential for success in the 21st-century workplace. This is capacity building that is strategic and transformational for the individual, team, and enterprise.


The courses in this category are for personal development in the areas that really matter. The transferable gains are huge and impact other roles you function in.


The courses in this category are great for EAP's. They provide help for 'hidden' issues that can have severe consequences on productivity, supervision and teamwork in the workplace. They are also a necessary aid for any discerning couple.


Courses in this category are gender-specific aimed at today's woman who wants to be successful at juggling the different roles she has to function in.

Some of Our Courses
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    Sexual Assault can have lifelong consequences if the emotional trauma is not adequately resolved

  • 31.jpg

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    Anxiety can be a 'monster' and it is not under the bed- it is in your mind all day long, wreaking havoc on health, relationships and life-goals

  • 32.jpg

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    Where do suicidal thoughts come from? How does overwhelm get so bad that suicide is the only option available?

  • 21.png

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    There are patterns that ensure success, there are also patterns that sabotage success. What are these patterns and what can be done to interrupt  them? 

  • 35.jpg

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    How do you communicate at home? Sometimes love can be communicated in cruel, limiting ways that have generational consequences

  • 17.jpg

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    Beliefs are very powerful subconscious programs that propel to success or restrain and constrain to mediocrity. It is important that your beliefs support your hard work and efforts

  • 2.png

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    It is possible for Anxiety and worry to become a chronic condition. This can also be your opportunity to define your personal power

  • 1.png

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    Teams and teamwork are the 'heart' of any organisation. When optimised, the ROI is huge. Yet there are underlying tendencies we overlook which impact teamwork negatively

  • 10.png

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    Most people avoid conversations they consider uncomfortable. Yet, not having these conversations only make the situation worse

  • 7.png

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    Self-Esteem and self efficacy are fundamental foundations for success in anything we do. How do we develop these qualities?

  • 6.jpg

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    Yes, Now you have your baby it should be your happiest time and yet you are depressed. What do you do?

  • 4.jpg

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    You earn more that he does, you pay the bills, so you become the boss at home; knowingly or unknowingly. How does it end? What happens next?

What do you get?
  • We can provide specific course content in beginner, Intermediate  and Advanced to address the needs of different groups 

  • Timed Exams or Assessments with a set pass mark

  • We can include live Zoom Presentations on specific days (blended learning)

  • We have office hours for questions from staff

  • A discussion forum for each course

  • Advanced gamification of content to reinforce learning

  • Certificate of completion or attendance

  • Includes comprehensive back-to-office report

We Also Do Speaking Engagements

We provide Speaking Engagements  around the following topics Mental health and Wellness, Emotional Trauma Management, Stress Management, Behavior Modification, Personal Effectiveness, Teamwork (in the workplace and at home), Personal Branding and Conflict Resolution for:

1.    TGIF, Monthly, Quarterly presentations.
2.    Can be gender-specific
3.    Can be context-specific: Workersday, Conflict Management day, Mental health awareness day, Women's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Customer Service day etc

You Can Book A Speaking Engagement for Presentation on: 
•    On Zoom
•    WhatsApp
•    Telegram
•    Google Meet
•    Skype
•    Live (Client’s venue)

Live Training

We have a great track record of providing experiential training. Our training programs can be 'co-ed' or gender-specific.  We can also provide blended learning. In addition, classes can be made up of staff and spouse.

Peak Performance Coaching Academy

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